PGA Tour Pro S. J. Park


 sj-parkS.J.  came in Saturday May 2nd to “tune up” his clubs. They can get out of alignment with use and in this case he wanted to bring the lie angles up 1/2 of a degree. He felt his miss was a push.

He also had a new 60 degree wedge with him that was supposed to be the same as his existing 60 degree wedge but he wasn’t hitting it well even though it measured the same. PGA Tour Pros like to keep fresh grooves on their wedges to try and keep every advantage possible by keeping sharper grooves and they are FREE for them so why not. The company would say they are the same because they measured the same for loft and lie but the hosel had a bow in it.

I saw the bow in the hosel and straightened it out first then went down to the bottom and adjusted the loft back to 60. It still measures exactly the same but now with a straight hosel.  I call that one a “Pallis Maneuver” since I invented it. It’s kind of like saying it’s a Heimlich Manuever or a Cessarian named for the men who invented them.

I am looking forward to see how he plays with them the second half of the year.