Favorite Clubs

I am sure you have some clubs in your bag that you hit better than others. You may like some of your  irons. (the ones I call favorites), but don’t hit some of the others well. As an example you may love all of your irons except your 6 and 9 irons. Why is that ? You like your 4 and 5 iron that should be tougher to hit than your 6 and 9 iron. The answer is, the irons you like are “balanced” and “hang” correctly. and your 6 and 9 are NOT Balanced and either toe up or toe down Using my “hanging method” we can identify the clubs that are “out of  balance” and then I can adjust them so your entire set will be balanced and have a complete SET OF FAVORITES.  

After all how can you play consistant golf with inconsistant clubs ?

Todd Pallis

The Club Whisperer